Special thanks to Ellen Cross and Evi Asher and Sabrina Devonshire and BeanySparks for including me in this blog tour.

I am new to this touring business and haven’t even organised my ‘roadies’, let alone any ‘groupies’. It IS that kind of tour, right? Plenty of hard liquor and soft women? Endless hours in a cramped bus with only Evi, Ellen, Beany and Sabrina to keep me entertained?

What? It’s not! Hmm, well that’s what THEY told me! Damn it! And this was an erotic, teenage fantasy for me. An unfulfilled one!

Luckily, I write erotic romances so I can probably just ‘make up’ a story about our adventures on the road…. “The BEKES Tour! Living and loving aboard the Blog Bus!” That’s sure to sell well, right!

…Comes back to reality and the writing task in hand. (And, being the professional I am, I immediately deflect myself from this task by deciding that I have to comment about reality.)
“I AM a writer of fiction. I want to say, right here and now, that I try to avoid reality as much as I can!”

Well, with that off my chest, I guess I’d better answer the questions in the time provided or I’m not going to get a Pass Mark… (You can’t tell I used to be a teacher, now, can you?)

1) What am I working on?

An easy one to start with… Well, I’m working on this fantasy about sharing a bus with some great female writers… Open highways, late nights, strong booze, their poor eyesight and even poorer judgement!

Okay, right! My stories! Well, I had two stories e-published way back when FaceBook was just a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye. Then, I went back to life, if not reality, and happily ignored writing.

A year ago, I decided to dip my quill into the writer’s inkwell again and see what stories flowed from my mind. The stories turned out to be loving, erotic romances that share a common concern: dominance and submission.

The first of my stories, To Meet Her Needs, is with eXtasy Books now being readied for publication. It is set in contemporary Australia and is about a man’s struggle to re-find love and to keep it this time.

He wanted to meet all of her needs, not just her sexual ones. His own strong need was to make her feel loved and valued, to feel protected. He wanted her to know that he would do whatever he had to do to ensure that her life was enriched by the love they shared. With an inward grimace, he added that this time he would ensure he was a partner he could be proud of.                                                                                     

I had fun creating a book trailer to promote it. I have put the link here for those of you who like video clips.

Book Trailer – To Meet Her Needs

The second of my stories is a set of three novellas, under the series title, Journey Into Submission. It is the fictionalised version of my real life with my loving submissive. It is also with eXtasy being readied for publication later this year.

Yet she was lost so far inside herself that it seemed like it was another woman’s body that lay under him. His mouth was her focus. She writhed under it. Her body was flaring with the sensations that his mouth imposed onto her. She waited. She felt her core flare and then begin to melt. She did not remember breathing. She no longer felt the hard table under her. All she felt was his mouth alive over her. She waited for it to be inside her.

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I believe that my work combines loving intimacy and laughter with what many would see either as very serious or very dark sub-genres, D/s and BDSM. My stories are about joy and laughter inside loving relationships where one person dominates and the other submits.

Later, as her violent shudders began to subside, Mark took control again and extended the wonderful tremors shaking her body. He kissed softly over her clit. His fingers gently pushed into her before dragging back out slowly. He led her back up inside the echoes of her orgasm with squeezes across the tip and then brought her down with softer brushes around its base. She lay there and was played like an instrument.

3) Why do I write what I do?

Partly, I write what I do because the ways in which loving couples interact fascinate me, especially where one dominates and the other submits inside love-making.

I guess the more personal reason is that I AM a Dominant and have lived as one for over fifteen years with eleven of those shared with a loving submissive. So I write about what I live and what I value.

4) How does your writing process work?

Laughs, as I consider… “Should I lie, er I mean, fictionalize the description of my writing process?”

Nah! In a refuting of Jack Nicholson: “You CAN handle the truth!”

Well, the truth is I try to be good but I am often bad!

“That’s not much of a surprise,” you reply, thinking of Logo I use above.

Well, yes, I guess not but I do TRY to be good. I write for long, productive periods, then get jaded and take R&R leave to visit FaceBook pages or play mindless games on my phone or even enjoy the stunningly beautiful area of East Coast Australia in which I live.

Laughs…then, summarizes my writing process by stating, “I think it would be accurate to say that as a writer I lack discipline!” (Yes, yes, this IS quite a revelation coming from a self-proclaimed Master or Dominant!)

When I start a story, I plan a general direction and then just write until I can’t. Later, I will refine and re-direct but I’m not concerned about those things at first. When I have finished a large slab, I will go back and try and read it as a first time reader would do. I closely check whether the love-making scenes ARE intimate and loving and erotic. I check for overuse of certain words which is one of the several writing weaknesses of mine.
Then, I repeat the process.

I am not a writer of Shifter stories but I do often feel like I am a shifter as I move from the ‘race ahead’ Hare back to the ‘slow and methodical’ Tortoise throughout the First Draft process.


So, I find myself at the end of the this first stage of the BEKES Blog Tour…. As I climb down from the bus, I note that Ellen, Evi, Beany and Sabrina are nowhere to be seen. Maybe they are off drooling over my roadies. Disappointingly, I haven’t been wrestled to the floor of the bus by groupies. Laughs… or even by one of those well-muscled ‘roadies’ the ladies out there in FaceBook seem so ‘fond’ of! As I don’t swing that way this second one is probably for the best.

Backpack in hand, I wander off home to start that story about a Blog Tour bus journey, determined to make it much more erotic than the one I just went on!

I hope you enjoyed going along on the Tour bus for a day with me. Remember, to buy lots of merchandising on the way out! You can browse my products at this site…