Dan took Laura’s hand in his before swinging her around so that she was held against him.

“Thank you for staying!”

He kissed her softly.

“Sam is a delight and I was completely blown away by the fact that both of you wanted to end my self-induced celibacy in such an unforgettable way, but it was thoughts of you that brought me at a run down to that nightclub. And it is thoughts of you right now that have made me very grateful that you’re still here with me.”

With that long speech, for him, completed, he dropped his hands down onto her arse and, squeezing both of her buttocks with his hard, strong fingers, he slowly drew her against him for a deeper kiss.
Her eyes closed and her arms wrapped themselves around his neck as she sought his lips with her own. They kissed gently and lingeringly, aware that each had the time and the desire to learn more about the body of the other. To feel the texture of their lips, to glory in the soft sliding of skin against skin, to marvel at the gentle tremors that fingers could create in sensitised areas of the other’s body.

And they used that time.

Several minutes later though, he felt Laura’s rising arousal in her slow dragging of her nipples across his chest. They were thick and hard against him even whilst her body remained soft and yielding. Her mouth moved only under the power of his own movements against it.

Her surrender to the sensations he was making her experience created a sudden spike of molten desire that shook him and this desire caused him to thicken and then lengthen. He tried hard to re-focus on extending the slow arousal that she was feeling but she chose that moment to press herself gently against his growing erection. The glorious feeling of the softness of her mound rubbing against his hardness made him close his eyes and just feel. His shaft had been pushed downwards by that pressure, and her rocking forwards and backwards rubbed the outer edges of herself along the length of it. With his eyes still closed he began to add to the wonderful sensations they were creating within each other by ever so slowly pushing forward as she rubbed towards him.

He opened his eyelids knowing she was looking at him. She was, but her eyes were fully dilated as she tried to deal with the sensations his shaft was creating as it held her open with its width and as it rubbed hard across the sensitive skin around her clitoris.

She smiled softly and then opened herself fully to him. Not her body, though he knew she would share that with him soon, as she had earlier in the night. He felt her offer all of her desire for him, to him. He had never before had any woman give him so much of herself. His body began to shake and he brought her even closer against himself.

One of her hands cupped the back of his head as her lips moved to press against the outer edge of his ear. In a voice so soft that Dan had to strain to hear it, she told him of her desire for him.

Cashmere 6

I can be a strong and, sometimes, hard woman but you’ve made me into just nerve endings.”

He felt her lips kiss his ear softly.

“I’m now a nerve ending junkie, waiting for you to give me my next hit! And what is scariest about this is that I’m truly overjoyed to be that junkie!”



He glanced across at Laura and then decided to tease her.

“So is goat love satisfying, Laura?”

She laughed and smacked his arse.

“Oh I see, so is this one of the techniques you use when your goat partner is reluctant?”

She went to smack him harder but he just caught her hand and, laughing, brought it up to his lips which he used to offer his apologies for the teasing. As he turned her hand upwards and glided his lips lightly across the surface of her palm, Laura decided that she would probably excuse him anything at that point in time.

“God damn! Where’s that waiter?” Sam demanded. “Just watching you do that to Laura has me shivering with a need that must be met, soon, or else side-tracked with alcohol!”

All three of them laughed before Dan lifted Sam’s shaky hand to his mouth so that she could forget about the tardiness of the waiter.

As Dan looked down at the palm his lips were caressing, Laura could see her friend’s desire beginning to consume her. Sam leaned towards Dan until his face was resting on her breasts. He groaned loudly as he turned to draw her closest breast, and the material that enclosed it, inside his mouth. Sam rocked herself against, then away, from him as she, clearly, gave in to the delightful ripples of pleasure that his mouth was creating within her.

Laura smiled to herself as she acknowledged that she was in no better a state than her friend. She decided to ramp up the arousal levels in the room to match what she was feeling. She moved behind Dan and ran a hand through his hair, delighting in the fineness of the hairs as they slid between her fingers. She leaned forward to kiss the side of his throat as he continued to stay bent over Sam’s breasts. As her lips sucked his soft skin inside her mouth and tasted the slight saltiness of him, her strength wavered, then disappeared and her body draped itself down over his back. Her nipples had become agonisingly swollen, yet again, as they tried to push past the cashmere and the silk of his shirt and onto his skin.

Urgently, she slid her hands up under his shirt and over his skin until they had pushed his shirt up onto his shoulders. She gave into the sudden surging of desire that was flooding through her body.

Casmere 8 Use this

She shook as she felt his shivering reaction to her nipples pressing into him. Her mound had found the roundness of his arse all on its own and it pushed slowly but firmly against him until her clitoris began to throb insistently. When she glanced over his shoulder and saw that he had pulled Sam’s dress down to her waist so that his mouth could feed on her breasts, Laura felt herself shudder and shudder in response to the hunger revealed in his thrusts onto her friend’s breasts.

Just at that moment, the door chime sounded.

“God damn! Of course, he’d get here now!” Sam cried out. “If that waiter’s expecting a tip then he’s in for a shock! I think I’m going to slap him senseless for his bad timing.”

Dan laughed shakily as he withdrew his mouth from her breasts and carefully placed them back inside her dress. He, then turned to Laura and held her against his clearly excited body before he opened her mouth with his tongue and thrust it inside her. His hands stroked hard across and around her nipples before he bent down to draw each one in turn inside his warm mouth. His hand found hers and drew it downwards until it was pressing against his hardened shaft.

Laura’s knees threatened to give way as she felt this hardness throbbing at her fingers and the powerful suction of his mouth pulling her shudders up and out through the tips of her nipples. When the chime sounded a second time, he reluctantly straightened up before drawing her shoulder straps back up so that she was decently dressed once more.

With a loud sigh, he moved to the door to admit the drinks’ trolley he had ordered. Despite Sam’s advice, he opted instead to tip the waiter generously before ushering him out of the room.

An Excerpt from Tales from Terrigal, Book 2, WIP

    When he broke that long kiss, he smiled at her before kissing her hard. “So, my love, I hope that your punishment will stop you from trying another payback for a while at least?”

Laura laughed and sighed, dramatically. “Of course, it will. I never want to be punished like that again. Well, not until tonight anyway. You will be back tonight, won’t you? I’m often very bad at night so you may have to do this all over again to me until I learn how to be good. Hmm, and during the day, I’m not always very good either so you’d better watch out for that too.”

    “You don’t make punishing you an easy task, do you? It almost seems like you enjoy being punished.”

“No, it’s not that, baby. Though, your punishment was very well given. It’s just that I have a very aggressive, bad gene and it makes me backslide, umm, and often frontslide too. I have learnt with you that I’m always wanting to backslide and frontslide, but, as it’s obviously a genetic defect, I can’t really be blamed for that, now can I?”

(Tales from Terrigal, Book 2, WIP)”


Dom-In-Training 6 From ‘To Meet Her Needs’. Out with eXtasy later in the year.

Khul Waters


“This isn’t easy to describe. As you just saw, feeling submissive does not mean a woman must just lie there and moan. It’s more that she’s reacting to her Dom’s needs, meeting them, making them part of her own needs. That ‘weakness’ I mentioned is a wonderful feeling deep inside me. I should have described it as a strength. But it reacts to the man’s greater strength, to his intent. How can I say this? A submissive’s strength joins with her Dom’s strength and they become one. What’s that expression? The sum is greater than the parts! That’s it.”

Ingrid became quiet. She looked down at him. “Am I rambling?”


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Dom-In-Training 5 From ‘To Meet Her Needs’. Out with eXtasy later in the year

Khul Waters

An ironic smile flashed across his lips as he considered what he was about to do to her. “You’re about to spank her and you’re telling yourself you will not abuse her?” Although he did not verbalise it at that moment, he knew he was not deceiving himself, not rationalising his behaviour to justify his desires. He was entering unknown waters but he felt the union of desires he shared with her. He had never abused the emotional trust she had for him and knew he was not doing so now.
Yet behind that certainty lay a personal uncertainty about where he was leading himself. Mark saw himself as a normal guy, one who may like to control love-making but within the bounds of accepted conventions. And now he was about to allow his inner desires to burst through those conventions. Despite his outward fixedness, his inner self trembled at…

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Dom-In-Training 4 From ‘To Meet Her Needs’. Out with eXtasy later in the year.

He was strongly aware just then of the hard centre which existed inside him. Now and then, he could become very fixed of purpose. When he was like this, Sue smugly called him Mr. FOP. He felt Mr. FOP strengthening deep inside him. Late one night, after he had made love to her with her arms pinned out across the bed with his own, she had explained to him how she loved becoming the object of his sole, unbending focus. She loved the total attentiveness he gave her, loved his strength, his caring and his masculinity. Then she had added she loved, most of all, that he none of the arrogance of many men who acted strongly in the company of women.