An Excerpt from Tales from Terrigal, Book 2, WIP

    When he broke that long kiss, he smiled at her before kissing her hard. “So, my love, I hope that your punishment will stop you from trying another payback for a while at least?”

Laura laughed and sighed, dramatically. “Of course, it will. I never want to be punished like that again. Well, not until tonight anyway. You will be back tonight, won’t you? I’m often very bad at night so you may have to do this all over again to me until I learn how to be good. Hmm, and during the day, I’m not always very good either so you’d better watch out for that too.”

    “You don’t make punishing you an easy task, do you? It almost seems like you enjoy being punished.”

“No, it’s not that, baby. Though, your punishment was very well given. It’s just that I have a very aggressive, bad gene and it makes me backslide, umm, and often frontslide too. I have learnt with you that I’m always wanting to backslide and frontslide, but, as it’s obviously a genetic defect, I can’t really be blamed for that, now can I?”

(Tales from Terrigal, Book 2, WIP)”



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