PROMO: ‘The Training of Kate’, Pt 1 of the ‘Journey Into Submission’ series. OUT July 15th, eXtasy Books


PROMO: 'The Training of Kate', Pt 1 of the 'Journey Into Submission' series. OUT July 15th, eXtasy Books


e-Book Trailer: THE TRAINING OF KATE (eXtasy Books, Out July 15th 2014)


PT 1 OF THE JOURNEY INTO SUBMISSION TRILOGY out with eXtasy Books, July 15th, 2014

Fighting a despair that is eroding her will to live, Kate flees to another city. There, she desperately seeks the answers she needs to restore her former life of sensuality and her joy in her submissiveness. She is drawn into the eye of an emotional storm when she meets an intriguing man online. Miles is everything she had searched for in a Master but nothing that perfect could be so simple…

Tales From Terrigal, Part 1 – Cashmere by Khul Waters

This is an excerpt from my WIP, Tales From Terrigal, Part 1 – Cashmere

WARNING: this passage is for Adults ONLY and adults who are not offended by sexual descriptions and a ménage à trois. If you are offended by these then please do NOT read it! 

She moved off the sofa to kneel in front of him, pulling his shoes off and tugging his jeans down and off his legs. As her mouth opened a little to allow the soft skin of his head to glide over her lips, she looked up. Sam, she noted with a quick smile, clearly needed Dan’s mouth on her breasts again as she had lifted her dress up and over her head before drawing his mouth onto her nipple.

Laura chose this moment to push her wet mouth straight down over his shaft and Dan’s shuddering reaction made his teeth bite down onto the tip of Sam’s nipple. Sam cried out with abandon at the almost painful pleasure of his hard teeth closing around her.

She watched Sam hook her hand around the back of his neck and use this hold to force her breast past his teeth to where his tongue waited. Laura kept her plunges down over his shaft in time with Sam’s thrusts at his mouth. Her fingers, pressed around the base of him, felt his shudders increase. She was torn between her strong need to use her mouth to bring him into his orgasm and the deep longing she felt to have him inside her.

Deciding that she really needed his hardness inside her, she stood. She saw that Sam had ridden her body up over his so that her mound was pressed against his mouth. Dan’s fingers were deeply pressed into the flesh of Sam’s buttocks as he thrust his tongue inside her and, by the way Sam had begun to groan and squirm, right down onto her clitoris.

Laura turned away from that surprisingly arousing sight and straddled his legs. Taking him again into her hand, she guided his head to her entrance. Opening herself a little she gripped his head tightly, then drove herself down onto him. Hard! She heard herself cry out but she was already beyond listening to anything. She just felt. Felt his hardness deep up inside her. Felt it throbbing against her spasms. Felt the unique joy of having a man inside her and aroused by her and ready to spurt his arousal up into her. As she was swept away by that joy, a joy she had not felt for way too long, she closed her eyes and began to move him inside her. Circling her hips to feel his shaft pulsing there. Rocking forwards and backwards to feel his head dragged across the opening to her cervix and then along the top of her vagina until his head lay trapped and throbbing just inside of her.
She sighed with the deep contentment she felt at having had Dan so deeply up inside her. Yet, she felt the overpowering need to make him come for her and because of her and inside of her. And for these things to make her come around his shaft as he emptied himself into her.

This rising need drove her to slam him back up inside herself and then to begin to use his hardness to fuck herself urgently. She felt him lose control. Felt his shaft shake inside her. Felt his head shudder then begin to pump his release up into her. And still she fucked his shaft violently until she, too, was dragged into her release. She groaned at the wonderful feeling of nerve-ends pushed past their limits till they jangled delightfully throughout her lower body and at the shudders that still rocked his softening shaft, making her shudder more in response.

Dom-In-Training 1 [From ‘To Meet Her Needs’. Out with eXtasy later in the year.]

Khul Waters

Mark felt the change in her. He felt her love for him in the soft, reflexive pushing of her breast against his lips and teeth. He felt her surrender her well-being and her very self into his hands. And this awareness of just how much she was placing into his loving care affected him very deeply. He shook a little inside, where his thoughts swirled, when he realised that he would do anything for her or to her in order to make that joyful surrender surge through her. Anything, he nodded to himself, that did not place her in danger or harm her.

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