Excerpt from The Training of Kate, Pt 1 of Journey Into Submission by Khul Waters

…Her mind at one level knew it was her actor and his making ludicrous sexual movements. But at a sensual level it was happening. Watching herself being opened and taken, slowly and then with force, was overwhelmingly arousing. He was now silent. She knew he had felt her arousal even through the barriers of cyber space. That just made her wetter. “My god!” was all she could say in her typing for the second time.

There was another pause from him, then he typed a “SIGH”. She thought he was going to pull himself out of her. Then, she understood that he had been affected by her arousal. She smiled gently at his image when he apologised to her for his lack of control. Then he began to make love to her with his wonderful words.

Kate was deeply moved. She had had men cyber with her and cyber her. For the most part it was an interesting diversion and, in a secondary sense, arousing enough to make it pleasurable. And she had met a few men who could excite her more directly. Yet he was something unique. He did not seek to arouse her. He simply, but with incredible power, told her of how she aroused him. He described in intimate detail how he was making love to her and how it made him feel. She was no longer in her room watching two actors rutting on her screen. She was there on the floor kneeling with her body being held by his hands. She felt his arousal. She felt the delight of knowing that it was she who was making him feel this.

And then she began to feel his cock inside her. She felt it throb and open her. She felt his need in the violent thrusts he used to enter her and then take her. A part of her mind was aware that her own fingers were pulling across her clit and pushing inside her, but her senses were there with him.

As he shared his joy and lust with her, she felt her own joy and lust rising up to merge with his. She had never been allowed so fully inside the mind and emotions of a cyber-partner, nor indeed a real world lover, and the up swelling of delight she felt was more arousing even than the visual scene in front of her. She felt his every groan and every push. She could feel his rising orgasm threatening his control. She used her body then to undermine his determination to prolong her arousal, pushing her body back onto his cock and sucking along his shaft.

As he came, and she felt the reality of that, she came with him. She shuddered and shuddered, lost in their shared ecstatic release. There was no typing for several minutes. Neither of them was able to just at that moment. Then, she saw his comment appear on her screen.

“I’m sorry! Laughs. Well I’m not ‘sorry’ sorry but I am sorry that I lacked the control to keep my word.”

She shushed him and sent him a hug request. Their actors rose and embraced.

“I’ve a confession to make,” she typed from her soul and not her mind. “I wanted you to make love to me! I’ve wanted it since last night. If you hadn’t lost control I would have been forced to seduce you!”


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