What’s Coming Up…. Khul Waters

to meet her needs 2

I have a new novel, ‘TO MEET HER NEEDS’, coming out within a month or so from eXtasy.

Here is a taster for the story of Mark and Ingrid. It has two excerpts on kisses…

“I felt you looking at me tonight. And when our eyes met I felt that same pulsing coming from you. Damned if I know what it is that we share, but I want to find out. I want to hold you to me and stroke that pulsing inside you! I know, I know, we do not even know each other’s last names yet, but I don’t care.”

“Nor do I!” Ingrid stated before offered her mouth to him.

 Her eyes closed and her breathing became shallow as his lips descended towards hers. When they touched, she sighed deeply and leaned harder against him. Inside her, the flutterings she had been trying to deal with found a focus and she felt her inner self stream upwards towards this man whose surname she did not yet know. When it met his lips that had pressed over hers, it shuddered there. His hardness touched her softness and they felt the sublime moment of two souls trembling against each other for the very first time.


His lips bent to touch hers. They kissed softly at first. Skin was glided over skin as each learned the textures of the other’s lips, the taste of the other’s skin. As heartbeats sped up and breathing became a little laboured, their lips began to writhe together. Her breath sighed its way past his lips and into his mouth. Mark was overcome with a need to press harder against her lips, to force his tongue past her teeth and to enter her mouth. Holding her face gently between both his hands, his thumbs stroked down her cheeks as his tongue found hers and the writhing began again.

Finally, Ingrid had to break away to draw more breath into her shuddering body. “I think we need to get away from this light. I don’t want the neighbours calling the fire brigade to come extinguish our fire.”


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