Read the first chapter of The Training of Kate before you buy…

Part 1 in the Journey Into Submission story

The Training of Kate is Book 1 in the Journey Into Submission story. It is fiction but it describes the basics of my real world life with my partner, even though these events have been romanticised and the people made larger than life.

I would like to share with you the beginning of this journey, the opening chapter of The Training of Kate. Khul Kat Green

STORY BLURB for The Training of Kate:

Kate yearned for a man whose strength could ignite her softness, whose sexual needs could inflame her own to the depths she had experienced with her first lover, her teacher. When she began an online romance, she had no idea that Miles was this man. Yet, when their lives merged in the real world, Kate was thrown into a whirlpool of loving joy and deep submission that changed her life. Miles used every part of her willing body to tie her lust and love to his own. He was her match and she was his tinder; together their passion and lust flared and pushed each beyond their prior limits – until her past returned to threaten all that she now held dear.

Prologue: The First Step

As the Qantas jet banked in preparation for its landing at Hobart’s airport, the fortunate passengers seated on the right side were given a long, sweeping view of the magnificent waterway that separates the two halves of the city. Then, it was slowly revealed to all the passengers as the plane dipped to the left before levelling off. The late afternoon autumn sunlight glittered across the crests of wind-driven wavelets. Yachts and fishing boats littered the edges of the wide Derwent Estuary. A little south the tallest building in Hobart, the Wrest Point Casino, appeared in stark contrast to the natural beauty of the water and hills. There were some soft murmurs of appreciation among the first-time tourists as the banking plane wheeled terraced houses upwards before their eyes, hundreds of metres of them, until Mount Wellington filled their windows, solid and almost threatening, looming over the homes below. Its peak was dusted with a light covering of snow that disappeared a few hundred feet down its face. Grey clouds, dark with rain, loomed over the mountain further to the west.

Kate Johnson was not a first time visitor to Hobart. Still, as always, she felt the heavy presence of Mount Wellington. Hobart was both defined and limited by the impressive mountain on its western side. As the looming mass of rock swept past, she fidgeted in her seat. She was anxious for her plane to land. She disliked planes with such a deep irrationality that it irritated her professional self. Deep in her heart, she would never trust them. Her rational mind could say what it liked…and did…but flying metal tubes, even when serviced by the ‘safest airline in the world’, were never going to fill her inner self with security.

She smiled weakly at the irony of an experienced nurse having no faith in such a commonplace modern device. “Maybe it is my Swedish genes?” she mused before laughing quietly at the outraged protests such a statement would draw from her parents. Kate was the second child and should been named, Katriina Johansson. Her father, however, was, a proud ‘new Australian’ and had Anglicised their surname to Johnson when he had become an Australian citizen. While her parents often called her Katriina at home, her first name was also Anglicised to Katrina by her father on her birth certificate and, of course, her friends and workmates all shortened this to Kate.

As the Captain’s bored voice advised the cabin crew to seat themselves, her thoughts slid deep inside herself. She knew this was an automatic response to her increase in tension at the imminent landing. Nervously she let her thoughts flutter down through herself. Nerves stretched, her nails were drawn to her teeth. The carefully applied polish was stripped from her index finger and absently swallowed. As the wheels jarred down onto the runway, she released the breath she had been holding. As the scream of the engines rose, she clutched at the arm rests and did not release them until the plane slowly turned off the runway and taxied over to the waiting stairs near the small terminal.

There would be nobody here to meet her this time, though she had many friends from previous stays in Hobart and from the medical networks that she had built up in fourteen years of varied nursing positions. Indeed, she would be staying at the home of married friends, house-sitting while they travelled overseas. However, she had not flown down from Melbourne to socialise. She needed answers. She needed the time to find them. She needed to get away from her Melbourne routines and to find a way to re-ignite the joy in life that she had lost. Kate had avoided facing her problem front on, yet she knew its ‘feel’. She knew she was close to abandoning all hope. The deep anxiety that flooded her, she realised, was not solely due to her fear of flying. She was losing her desire to go on living. The irony of her being invaded by this growing and deepening depression stood out for her for she had always loved her approach to living. She had rejoiced in what she was and what she did. The Training of Kate 6

She sighed as she waited for the eager tourists to disembark. “Yes, but no more! I feel so damn drained. God, I am pathetic! I’d like to slap myself hard. What’s wrong with you, woman!” Although she found it impossible to look directly at the problem that was eroding her desire to live, she knew she must. And soon. Deep inside herself she could feel the darkness growing, shrouded inside the despair that welled up and flooded her. Her nurse self was her harshest critic. Often she would have bitter arguments with herself and, right now, it was her professional self that wanted to shake her till her teeth rattled, bring her to her senses. Yet, she sensed that it was not a matter of mind. Her listlessness and fading desire to live had a cause. She just had to find it. Fix it. Restore her former self.

As she walked down the empty aisle and past the vacant smiles of the flight crew, she knew this was likely to be her final chance. The despair was growing inside her like a cancer. Very soon she would be unable to resist it. This awareness only made her despair flare up anew and push a little harder at her remaining desire to live. Lost inside her troubled thoughts, Kate made her way out of the small airport. Mechanically she hailed a taxi and slumped into the back seat.  


Phone Apps and How To Apply Them… an excerpt from my WIP

When Dan got back to his unit it was past six. He sighed deeply at being alone there and went to shower the day’s fatigue away. Before he got to the shower, he smiled and turned back to get his mobile. He sorted through his iPod apps to confirm that he had Face Time and chose Laura from his contacts. He selected Video and connected to her. It pleased him deeply to see the happiness on her face after she had accepted the Face Time option.
“Hey you! I just got in after a loooong, but productive, day. I’ve missed being with you, darling.”

“This video option is wonderful, baby. I never knew you could do this,” Laura laughed then shook a finger at him. “Is this what you use to keep that lover of yours in Terrigal happy?”

He laughed, in reply, before adding, “Well, it sure is now. I was just about to go have a shower and, on the way, thought of us when we were in the shower at the hotel. So I decided that you could share a shower with me at least visually, unless of course you think that that would be too perverted.”

She laughed delightedly. “It, probably, is, but I would never let feeling like a pervert stop me from, well, perving on you. So go have that shower and I will just watch you quietly as a perverted, proper lady should.”

Dan put his call on Speaker, then stood his mobile up on top of the sink counter and went across towards the shower stall. He turned his head towards the phone and smiled back at her. “I kinda feel like a male stripper doing this. I’m not too sure that my skill at undressing myself would get me that job, but I do want to bring you pleasure, my love.” And with that comment, he slowly bent down, still facing away from her, to untie the laces on his shoes. He laughed, “You know I’d normally just kick these off and quickly strip off my socks before dropping my shirt, trousers and underwear on the floor.” He turned back to her again and the smile of pleasure he felt in doing this for her was clear on his face.

“Damn, damn, damn, baby! Why aren’t you here so I can run my fingers over your body? Kiss that wonderful, giving smile right off your face? I’m not sure this was a good idea, after all. Because I can’t touch you, I have this sudden need to touch myself. And to do it while I imagine your fingers running over and into my body. What you do to me!”

Dan smiled more widely. “Well do it. You know I love to make you aroused. And, as I’m not there, you’ll have to do it for me.”

He straightened up and slowly undid his belt, pulling it out from the belt loops. Still turned away from her, he undid his zip and teasingly lowered his trousers down and over his butt. He smiled to hear a sigh escape her as her bent at the knees to remove the trousers from his legs. Turning around, he took his time unbuttoning his shirt before making sure he flexed his muscles as he slid it off his body. He laughed loudly when he heard her loud whistling and clapping coming from the speaker.

He swept into a bow. “Did you like my striptease then, my love?”

He saw her face close up almost against her screen. Her smile widened and then she pretended to kiss him. “Thank you, baby. You are worth every dollar they pay you. Is there an iPod App to put money into your stripper’s underwear? If there isn’t, there ought to be.”

They laughed, then both sighed in unison.

“Thank you, my love, but this whole idea is kind of cruel. Like taking a kid into a candy store and not allowing her to run her fingers along anything, or scrape her nails down anything or lick anything or bite anything or slide anything into and out of her mouth or slide things into and out of her body.”

Dan grinned at her, “Remind me never to take you into a candy store. I don’t think we have the same idea about how a child should behave there.”