Intimacy and love and why I write about them…

Kissing sleeping him

Why does a mature male like yourself write erotic romances of all things?!

Many readers are surprised, firstly, by my age. (Laughs…yes I know I ought to be playing checkers on the front porch of the old folks home but they say I need to learn how to act like an old person before they will let me in.) Secondly, these readers are surprised that I write in the genre I do instead of, say, fantasy or science fiction or suspense.

The reason why I began to write erotic romance is because I was fortunate enough to spend ten years living inside one! In my stories and poems, I wanted to describe the deep joy and intimacy I shared with my partner (the Kate in the Journey Into Submission novella trilogy).

So I began to write a fictionalised version, a romance, of our real world lives. It became an erotic romance because romance is erotic. As a writer, I believe that to try and write about love between partners without including eroticism is like giving someone a coffee without allowing them to smell the aroma. It is only part of the total experience.

Intimacy, of course, doesn’t have to involve sexual desire or, as I lower my voice to whisper, the sexual act, itself. However, making love to your partner is one of the wonderful ways to share joy and intimacy. For love-making not to be part of a loving relationship or, in the case of a romance writer, for it not to be made part of a description of a loving relationship, then each of these is made into something less joyful, less complete. Each is forced into becoming coffee without the aroma.

So, I became an erotic-romance writer because successfully describing the aroma of coffee pleases me as much as describing the taste of it does and I was unwilling to offer only the lesser experience to my readers.

There are many kinds of love but, for me, love between a couple is, most importantly, about intimacy. Shared intimacy is the fuel that feeds this kind of love, that keeps it strong while making it deepen. And, again for me and for many others, an important part of intimacy is eroticism, that is, sexual desire and excitement.

The excerpt, below, from To Meet Her Needs, a new novel that will be published on September 15th, I hope, shows some of what joyful, loving intimacy is.

The following weeks were spent in a blur of shared intimacy. Mark found himself smiling constantly and would laugh out loud when the joy inside him could no longer be contained.
Ingrid, on these occasions, would raise an enquiring eyebrow and wait for him to explain. Sometimes he did and other times he would just refuse to explain what had caused the joy to burst out of him. Whatever the occasion, his lips would always find hers and his joy would be pressed down over her own.
On one of these occasions, he wrapped his arms around her and swung her around and around her lounge room laughing even more than usual until he collapsed to the floor with Ingrid sprawled on top of him. The room was spinning crazily for them and laughter bubbled up out of them both.
Ingrid tweaked his nipple and spluttered in between bouts of laughter, “You’re going to be the death of me, you know, Mister! Just how old are you?”
“Old enough to have my nipple pinched, apparently. Fair’s fair, my love. I demand equal nipple pinching opportunity or I’ll have to report you. And you don’t want that now, do you!”
She laughed again and leaned down and bit at his nipple through his T-shirt. “There! You’ll have to send in two complaints, but just who are you going to complain to, anyway?”
Miles thought for a moment then smiled, “Why, the SPCN of course. Who else!”
“I know I’m going to regret asking this, but what is the SPCN?”
“For a university graduate your education is sadly lacking. I may have to keep you in for special one-on-one lessons. Hmm, yes, that sounds like a great idea. Now young lady, I think you should go change into a tight top and a short skirt…and boots if you have them.”
She smiled down at him and just shook her head from side to side, “Oh, no you don’t! You’re not going to distract me while you try to think of something silly to say. What does SPCN stand for? I think you just made it up.”
He kissed her lips softly and then sighed loudly. “You have so little faith in me. I don’t need time. It stands for The Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Nipples. And they will be happy to get both complaints in one letter as it was my nipple that was abused twice. I think they will also agree to let me handle your punishment.”
Ingrid shook her head at him before leaning down to bite at his nipple a second time. When he let out a yelp, she made sympathetic sounds, pushed up his T-shirt and sucked his poor, throbbing nipple inside her mouth. She felt the softness inside her swirling upwards as she applied her idea of first aid with her tongue and lips. She stretched it outwards until it popped out from between her lips.
Without warning, she stopped administering first aid to lecture him, “You’re just angling to get my nipples into your own mouth, you faker. However, I’m the one on top and I want your nipples in my mouth!” She laughed quickly before qualifying what she had just said, “Well maybe I’ll try for one at a time or you might actually get to write that complaint letter you’ve been going on about.”
He just smiled up at her innocently. “So the one on top gets the nipples, eh?”
She smiled back and nodded her head up and down, pulling at his nipple.
With a sudden roll, he placed his lover onto her back before smiling smugly down at her. “Oh dear, it seems I’m the one on top right now. I guess that means I have Nipple Rights!”


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