The cold heat of ice…

Ice Kiss

Many people see BDSM as being about sadism and masochism, about leather and pain. And yes it can be. But, equally, it is about controlling your partner’s pleasurable reactions, about meeting your partner’s needs and about arousing her desire to submit to your intent to make her feel these pleasures.

In my third novella, The Runaway, Miles uses ice on Kate to heighten her arousal and to bring her to a point where she willingly offers her submission to his intent…


After these words he again drank deeply from the glass, draining the remaining water. He turned to her, reaching inside her mouth and withdrawing the sock. Then he bent his lips to hers. His lips touched hers softly. They were cool and wet. She lay there and kept her mind under harsh control. She could feel his lips curl into a smile as he felt her stiffen.

He’s so damned cocky, she thought, irritated that she had to fight the desire to surrender to him. Then she felt sudden coldness rub over her lips. He has an ice cube in his mouth!

His hands stroked her cheeks but they held her head still as he popped the ice out from inside his mouth and ran it over her lips, sliding it from side to side. The coolness became coldness and then the coldness began to burn, but not unpleasantly. He lifted his lips from hers and dropped the melting cube into the hollow at the base of her throat. She felt it there, melting slowly with the heat of her throat, felt it filling up the shallow dip. She knew it would soon overflow that space and run down between her breasts. Her mind and body waited to feel that.

He did not wait, however. She heard the clink of the ice cubes sliding down the glass. She knew he had taken another one into his mouth. His eyes smiled as he turned back to face her. She closed her eyes and waited for the touch of coldness on her lips. She jerked when she felt the ice touch her nipple a moment before his lips closed over it. He held her firmly down on the bed, not allowing her to move away. His lips seemed warm compared to the touch of the ice on the tip of her nipple which popped suddenly outwards, pushing harder against the cold of the melting cube. Her senses focused on that point. She felt the tip of her nipple throbbing. She felt sharp flashes of sensation rippling down her spine. She held her breath and tried to ignore the cold burning. Just as she had adjusted to the tingling, she felt the rush of now warm water flow from her throat and run down between her breasts. The contrast between the warm stream that flowed down and pooled in her belly button and the stinging cold of the ice on her nipple broke her control.

She wriggled. She moaned low in her throat. She pushed against his lips and that sharp coldness. She gave up trying to make him pay. She just wanted his arousal and hers to merge. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair and pull his lips down harder onto her breasts. Now, she struggled desperately against the ties but equally to no avail…


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