An erotic writer’s words are akin to fingertips…

Fingers 2

I think an erotic writer’s words are akin to fingertips…they can glide across the surface of the reader’s emotions bringing a tingling to the senses or press more insistently into the flesh attracting a rush of blood to the emotion under their influence. Gentle or rough. Subtle or blatant. Ecstatic or painful. Yet always powerful in their arousal.


Posted on September 20, 2014

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 My fingertips 1

The Kiss

“It was not just his hardness throbbing inside her that she was feeling. She felt his complete focus on her. Her soft strength swirled up and met his hard will. It gave way then enveloped it. His will and her submission melted together and became one intent.” To Meet Her Needs

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My fingertips 2


“Slowly, he drew her orgasm upwards. Ingrid could feel her pulse fluttering in her stretched throat. She could feel her body pushing up and down onto her own fingers. Far away, she could hear the soft groans of a woman being tortured exquisitely and lovingly.” To Meet Her Needs

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My fingertips 3 

to meet her needs

“From deep inside herself she felt the unstoppable power of a flood tide rising and surging into every part of her nervous system. It came from so deep inside her that panic filled her and fled before it….her awareness of the world was lost in a surge of release. She was no longer sitting on her lover’s lap. She was no longer a person. She was inside herself. She was stroked from spasm to spasm. She became those spasms of release. She was pure joy surging inside herself. To Meet Her Needs

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My fingertips 4

Woman's face tatt on man's back

“I think we have always shared this love!
Through time’s twistings
it has been there –
two faces of one coin –
sometimes corporally split asunder,
but our one soul fused,
forever linked,
even when forever searching.”

Time has taught me much,
but first and strongest
it has shown me that we are one…
were one…
will be one.”

excerpt from my Poem – Our Love Is My Mantra

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My fingertips 5

Wall Kiss 2

One of her hands cupped the back of his head as her lips moved to press against the outer edge of his ear. In a voice so soft that Dan had to strain to hear it, she told him of her desire for him.
“Dan, I’ve waited so long for you to enter my life. What you make me feel is beyond my power to explain. I can be a strong and, sometimes, hard woman, but you’ve made me into just nerve endings.”
He felt her lips kiss his ear softly.
“I’m now a nerve ending junkie, waiting for you to give me my next hit! And what is scariest about this is that I’m truly overjoyed to be that junkie!”
With that revelation made, she leaned away from him with her upper body and went up onto the tips of her toes, allowing his cock to rise almost vertically underneath her. With a sudden push forwards and downwards she slid him inside herself.
When he felt her wet heat wrap itself around him, Dan reacted by lifting her upwards until she could wrap her legs around his hips, then he pushed himself much deeper up into her.
“I think it’s time for you to get your next hit, but you’ll have to work hard for it,” he told her.

[from a WIP, Tales From Terrigal]

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