An erotic writer’s words are akin to fingertips…

Khul Waters

Fingers 2

I think an erotic writer’s words are akin to fingertips…they can glide across the surface of the reader’s emotions bringing a tingling to the senses or press more insistently into the flesh attracting a rush of blood to the emotion under their influence. Gentle or rough. Subtle or blatant. Ecstatic or painful. Yet always powerful in their arousal.

Posted on September 20, 2014

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 My fingertips 1

The Kiss

“It was not just his hardness throbbing inside her that she was feeling. She felt his complete focus on her. Her soft strength swirled up and met his hard will. It gave way then enveloped it. His will and her submission melted together and became one intent.” To Meet Her Needs

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My fingertips 2


“Slowly, he drew her orgasm upwards. Ingrid could feel her pulse fluttering in her stretched throat. She could feel her body pushing up and down onto her own…

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