FINALLY, it is HERE! Khul Water’s eBook of Poetry! 19 poems of love, pain and life!

Khul Waters

Khul Waters' Poetry Purple

Available to Select Customers (*) from my web site for the amazing price of just US $2.00.

Order your copy NOW! No, no, not later! By then, it will be too late!
The baby’s nappy can wait! Your hubbie and kids won’t starve in the next few minutes. What!? Oh well if that’s what you’re doing maybe go there in a few minutes… He won’t take longer than that, will he?!

Poetry Excerpt 1 Armchair 

(*) Select customers only because the US and Australian Governments narrowed my choices down to PayPal and only those customers who have a PayPal account. No credit cards for now I am sorry.

Poetry Excerpt 3 The Phone
But WAIT, there’s MORE…
This eBook comes in an exciting, colourful range of Formats. Choose between PDF PURPLE, ePUB EMERALD or MOBI MAGENTA.
Poetry Excerpt 4 Mantra
And, with each purchase you get to email ME (Yes, I knew you’d be excited about that!) telling me which…

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