Intimacy is about sharing fun times…

You might know that I like to write about Dominant and submissive relationships. For many this is seen as a very serious area or, for some, a seriously sick, area. For me though D/s relationships are a fun experience, as they focus on the enjoyable interactions any loving couple can and ought to share.


Doing things just for, and with, one’s partner is one of these enjoyable intimacies. Cooking for her, or him. Massaging tiredness or pain away. Laughing with him, or her. Sharing time and your attention with your partner. These shared experiences should be fun. There should be a lot of smiling and laughing and banter.

A lot of intimacy should be about such small moments. It can be about a shared activity or loving teasing or an embrace or a need to show someone you love them, not just about passion during love-making.

to meet her needs

Of all of my book covers, I like this one, above, the most because it shows a couple enjoying natural intimacy. Not a milestone event. Not a moment of great passion. Just a natural, everyday sharing of the fun involved in their loving each other.

To Meet Her Needs has many of these natural moments of fun and intimacy in it. Below is one, where Ingrid finds Mark in the kitchen cooking for her.

Later that morning, Ingrid awoke from her sleep to find Mark gone. She could hear muffled noises through the closed door. She arose from his bed, found one of his T-shirts in his dresser and slipped it over her head and shoulders to feel it fall loosely down over her body, before going in search of him.

She found him in the kitchen, dressed only in a pair of old shorts and surrounded by a confusion of pans and bowls and utensils.

He smiled happily at her and, mindful of the dripping spoon in his hand, hugged her with his forearms. “I hope my clattering in here didn’t wake you, darling.”

She kissed his naked chest and snuggled against him sleepily. “No, baby. It’s way past the normal time I wake up on Sundays, but last night you exhausted me.”

“So I’m to blame! I seem to remember being woken up by someone. I was the wakee not the waker!”

“What’s for breakfast!” she replied with a grin. “And, yes, I am trying to change the topic.”

“If this spoon were not covered in egg mixture, I’d use it on your butt for trying to blame an innocent man. But I’ve cooking to do, so for the moment you’re safe. I hope you like shrimp as you’re having them in an omelette with mushrooms on the side. You do like shrimp, I hope. If not then our relationship may well be over.”

Ingrid bit his nipple in reply to this threat, drawing a yelp from her lover who forgot his former restraint and whacked her butt with the spoon. It was her turn to yelp before both of them laughed and kissed.

“I love shrimp, so you can’t get rid of me that easily. So can we call a truce on the mutual abuse as I’m starved. I’ll even forgive you for all this junk on my T-shirt.”

“Your T-shirt,” he muttered before adding. “Okay, a truce it is! Take a seat and your hunger will be satisfied in a few minutes.”

As he turned back towards the stove, Ingrid wiped away most of the egg mixture from the T-shirt she was wearing before adding, “Oh, before the truce actually starts…”

And, with this inadequate warning, she wiped her hands on the back of his shorts before she dragged them down to lie around his ankles.

He turned around, spoon in one hand and a fixed smile on his face. “I will remember this! When you have forgotten all about your scandalous breach of an existing truce, I’ll get you back!”

As he fixed her with a long, hard stare, she laughed, but knew she would be made to pay for her impulsive action. Casually stepping out of his shorts, he moved across to the stove and started to cook the omelette. Along with exaggerated movements of his butt that drew loud applause from Ingrid, he went back to finishing off the preparation of their meal.

“Baby, if you ever give up waiting on tables, there’s a future for you in the bars down in Sydney. I’m sure the boys there would love your routine.”

“I could teach you my routine, darling. Want to come over here and let me show you?”

She shook her head from side to side. “Er, no thanks. I’m hungry and, if I come over there, no doubt you’ll arrange things so that you come over there. I think more cooking and less coming is what we both need right now.”

Mark laughed and nodded before turning his attention to tossing the omelette.

For me, that is the type of intimacy that bonds a couple’s love tightly together.

Khul Waters


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