Khul Law 1: Intimacy is fuelled by the fun of loving contests of wills.





I feel your desire to be what you must for me rise as you respond to my will and my needs.

Bk 1, The Training of Kate 

Lying on her back embrace



She could hear his laughter. The silk ties held. She gave up struggling and planned her revenge. 

Bk 2, The Re-Taking of Kate



“Darling. Please! I need to feel you open me, right now.”

Bk 3, The Runaway

 Naked embrace on sand


She gave up trying to make him pay. She just wanted his arousal and hers to merge. 

Bk 3, The Runaway

 Shoulder Kiss


Mark smiled and drew her hard against his body. “Aren’t I supposed to be the Dom? Are you after my job, woman?”

“No, baby, you can keep your job as my Dom, but I’d like to point out that I also like to win. And you were just too cocky when you had me pinned under you. I wanted to help you control that Dom ego of yours. It was for your own good, honestly!”

She looked across at him, but the skepticism in his raised eyebrows told her that he wasn’t buying it.

To Meet Her Needs

 Backlit Kiss


And my love hardens,

pushes against you,

opens you and takes you,

and you receive it,

wrap it inside you

as we shudder in spirals upwards…

Our joy is spasming and pulsing,

one blaze of light and love and joy

in a darkened world.

(I am yours; you are mine!)

 from the poem, The Spiral of Our Love

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