Book Trailer for To Meet Her Needs


This is my book trailer for my latest story e-published by eXtasy in September. It is a novel about a man seeking to do better (as a lover) this second time after the ending of his marriage. He is led into exploring a Dominant / submissive relationship by his lover.

Khul Waters




Dom-In-Training 2 – from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

Later, as her violent shudders began to subside, Mark took control again and extended the wonderful tremors shaking her body. He kissed softly over her clit. His fingers gently pushed into her before dragging back out slowly. He led her back up inside the echoes of her orgasm with squeezes across the tip and then brought her down with softer brushes around its base. She lay there and was played like an instrument.

Couples 5

Dom-In-Training 1 – from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

Shoulder KissMark felt the change in her. He felt her love for him in the soft, reflexive pushing of her breast against his lips and teeth. He felt her surrender her well-being and her very self into his hands.

And this awareness of just how much she was placing into his loving care affected him very deeply. He shook a little inside, where his thoughts swirled, when he realised that he would do anything for her or to her in order to make that joyful surrender surge through her. Anything, he nodded to himself, that did not place her in danger or harm her.

Dom-In-Training 6 – from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

Surf Kiss“This isn’t easy to describe. As you just saw, feeling submissive does not mean a woman must just lie there and moan. It’s more that she’s reacting to her Dom’s needs, meeting them, making them part of her own needs. That ‘weakness’ I mentioned is a wonderful feeling deep inside me. I should have described it as a strength. But it reacts to the man’s greater strength, to his intent. How can I say this? A submissive’s strength joins with her Dom’s strength and they become one. What’s that expression? The sum is greater than the parts! That’s it.”

Ingrid became quiet. She looked down at him. “Am I rambling?”


Dom-In-Training 5 – from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

An ironic smile flashed across his lips as he considered what he was about to do to her. “You’re about to spank her and you’re telling yourself you will not abuse her?” Although he did not verbalise it at that moment, he knew he was not deceiving himself, not rationalising his behaviour to justify his desires. He was entering unknown waters but he felt the union of desires he shared with her. He had never abused the emotional trust she had for him and knew he was not doing so now.
Yet behinto meet her needsd that certainty lay a personal uncertainty about where he was leading himself. Mark saw himself as a normal guy, one who may like to control love-making but within the bounds of accepted conventions. And now he was about to allow his inner desires to burst through those conventions. Despite his outward fixedness, his inner self trembled at what he might become.


Dom-In-Training 4 from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

He was strongly aware just then of the hard centre which existed inside him. Now and then, he could become very fixed of purpose. When he was like this, Sue smugly called him Mr. FOP. He felt Mr. FOP strengthening deep inside him. Late one night, after he had made love to her with her arms pinned out across the bed with his own, she had explained to him how she loved becoming the object of his sole, unbending focus. She loved the total attentiveness he gave her, loved his strength, his caring and his masculinity. Then she had added she loved, most of all, that he none of the arrogance of many men who acted strongly in the company of women.

Lying on her back embrace

Dom-In-Training 3 – from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

Chin Grip


As soon as he focused on her body, he heard her laughter die away. He could feel her tense anticipation in the way she held her body. He enjoyed allowing his instincts to guide him and, at that moment, his instincts told him to feed her anticipation. He had never spanked her and only ever joked about doing so. In fact, he had never spanked anyone and he was reasonably certain she had never been spanked either. She was a modern woman brought up with modern ideas about the equality of the sexes. He knew she did not believe in corporal punishment and did not use it on Tony. But he knew, deep inside him, something else. When he fixed his will on her, she reacted by giving in to it. Whatever ideas she held about how men and women should act simply slid away when he confronted her with his will.