Khul Law 2 “The best love stories are not about extraordinary people, but about ordinary people exploring an extraordinary love.”

Khul Law 2.1:

Old Phone

I truly never knew

the joy a phone can give

until you were there,

your joy flowing down copper lines

and washing over my joy.


And I truly never knew the love

that can flow and flow

as our selves join,

despite the distance,

despite the reasons,

and we pulse lovingly

against each other.

From the poem, The Phone


Khul Law 2.2:

Old Phone Negative

Yet her body was his. He knew it. And she knew it.

They were different sides of one coin. He was loving, yet strong. She was loving, yet soft. Together, even though limited to the phone, they soared night after night with their joy. She gave herself and he took her in an endless dance of love and arousal. She could not wait till he was there. Bk 2, The Re-Taking of Kate


Khul Law 2.3:

The Kiss

She collapsed onto his chest. She was panting from the length of the orgasm she had experienced. Miles stroked along her back gently as he struggled to get control of his breathing. Then he laughed from sheer exhilaration and she lifted herself up to look at her lover. He placed his hands on the sides of her head, drew her down to him and kissed her with all the joy that was surging through him. Bk 3, The Runaway


Khul Law 2.4:

Security Embrace

As Ingrid was given and followed his orders, she felt her inner self begin to swirl upwards again. She loved this man beyond her power to describe, but, more than that, she trusted him completely. She had not been exaggerating when she had told him earlier that the joy he allowed her to feel knew no boundaries nor any limits. As he sucked her offered nipple inside his warm, wet mouth, she shuddered and gave all of herself to his loving, considerate strength. To Meet Her Needs


Khul Law 2.5:

kitchen-sex 2

She groaned loudly as she realised that, by refusing to do anything at all, he was going to force her to make them both come. That was what he had decided her punishment would be. She began to slide his hardness in and almost out of her growing wetness. As she increased the speed and force of her pushes back against him, she felt her rising abandonment to that glorious throbbing of her walls clutching around his hardness.

WIP, Cashmere, Bk 1 of Tales From Terrigal


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