Dom-In-Training 3 – from ‘To Meet Her Needs’ by Khul Waters, eXtasy Books

Chin Grip


As soon as he focused on her body, he heard her laughter die away. He could feel her tense anticipation in the way she held her body. He enjoyed allowing his instincts to guide him and, at that moment, his instincts told him to feed her anticipation. He had never spanked her and only ever joked about doing so. In fact, he had never spanked anyone and he was reasonably certain she had never been spanked either. She was a modern woman brought up with modern ideas about the equality of the sexes. He knew she did not believe in corporal punishment and did not use it on Tony. But he knew, deep inside him, something else. When he fixed his will on her, she reacted by giving in to it. Whatever ideas she held about how men and women should act simply slid away when he confronted her with his will.


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