Cashmere…Yes, it’s almost here.

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Laura and Dan are both successful business owners whose worlds collide after a night of debauchery shared with Laura’s best friend, Samantha. Their relationship deepens as each comes to realise that what they are sharing is much more than passion.

The latest story of loving intimacy from Khul Waters. Set in the beautiful coastal community of Terrigal north of Sydney, this story captures the joy and lust and uncertainty of new love.

Terrigal, beach and lagoon

“I’m going to have to take out a restraining order against you, baby,” she groaned. “You’re a very dangerous man. And it aroused me too damned much when you did that to me. Held me down and took me. Made it impossible for me to do anything, but react to what you were doing to my body. It felt so incredible to be your complete focus and to be the person you were going to excite so I’d make you come. Dan, I’ve never felt such strength of passion towards me from any other man. It scares me more than a little.”

Cashmere 6


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