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Cashmere, my next erotic romance novel, will be released on May 1st. If you are a Blogger / Reviewer who would like to commit to completing a review before this release date, email me (khul.waters@yahoo.com.au) and I will very happily send you an ARC.
So, what is Cashmere about? Well, if you are familiar with my stories you know it will be about a deeply, intimate and loving relationship with D/s exploration. And Cashmere is. Yet it starts very differently to my usual storylines…
It begins with an intense, unplanned ménage à trois which throws the controlled lives of two of the people involved into chaos. Join Laura and Dan as they react to the surging lust and passion their relationship releases. Become them on their roller coaster ride of lust and love…and even some loss. They, and you, will be forever changed…

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Why not go take a look at the book trailer I created. It will give you a good idea about what Cashmere is about and, if my writing is new to you, a little about my writing style…
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Why I write poetry?

Prose is wonderful for conveying width, the slow build up of, say, a loving relationship or the building of tension within a story.

The Training of Kate 5

Poetry, however, allows you to distill the essence …

of a moment in time, as with say The Phone Rings

or of a feeling, as in The Spiral of Our Love

or of a thought process, as in Struggling Against Fate.

If I can successfully find the key words, poetry allows me to give an intense insight into what I did or felt or thought. An insight that can’t easily be stretched over the wordiness of prose without losing that intensity. Here are some examples of what I mean…

A moment in time from The Phone Rings…

I run,
Yes, run to grasp it
Hands slippery
With surging hope.

hesitant, I dare not breathe
“My Love…”
your own breath falters.


Magically, crazily, inexplicably,
All is one
All is as before

A feeling from The Spiral of Our Love


As I kiss you
and you kiss me
the world flickers and fades for us
all light and all love is within the circle that we are
and we become that love –
are that love –
and are one
(We are one!)

A thought from Struggling Against Fate

I do not like that!

Maybe it’s the Master in me
That likes to control.
Maybe it’s the lover in me
That yearns for a role.
Maybe it’s the man in me
That wants inside the ‘loop’
That will decide our fate.

Struggling Against Fate

Khul Waters