Why I write poetry?

Prose is wonderful for conveying width, the slow build up of, say, a loving relationship or the building of tension within a story.

The Training of Kate 5

Poetry, however, allows you to distill the essence …

of a moment in time, as with say The Phone Rings

or of a feeling, as in The Spiral of Our Love

or of a thought process, as in Struggling Against Fate.

If I can successfully find the key words, poetry allows me to give an intense insight into what I did or felt or thought. An insight that can’t easily be stretched over the wordiness of prose without losing that intensity. Here are some examples of what I mean…

A moment in time from The Phone Rings…

I run,
Yes, run to grasp it
Hands slippery
With surging hope.

hesitant, I dare not breathe
“My Love…”
your own breath falters.


Magically, crazily, inexplicably,
All is one
All is as before

A feeling from The Spiral of Our Love


As I kiss you
and you kiss me
the world flickers and fades for us
all light and all love is within the circle that we are
and we become that love –
are that love –
and are one
(We are one!)

A thought from Struggling Against Fate

I do not like that!

Maybe it’s the Master in me
That likes to control.
Maybe it’s the lover in me
That yearns for a role.
Maybe it’s the man in me
That wants inside the ‘loop’
That will decide our fate.

Struggling Against Fate

Khul Waters


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