Intimacy is about sharing fun times…

Intimacy is about sharing fun times….


An erotic writer’s words are akin to fingertips…

Fingers 2

I think an erotic writer’s words are akin to fingertips…they can glide across the surface of the reader’s emotions bringing a tingling to the senses or press more insistently into the flesh attracting a rush of blood to the emotion under their influence. Gentle or rough. Subtle or blatant. Ecstatic or painful. Yet always powerful in their arousal.


Posted on September 20, 2014

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The Kiss

“It was not just his hardness throbbing inside her that she was feeling. She felt his complete focus on her. Her soft strength swirled up and met his hard will. It gave way then enveloped it. His will and her submission melted together and became one intent.” To Meet Her Needs

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“Slowly, he drew her orgasm upwards. Ingrid could feel her pulse fluttering in her stretched throat. She could feel her body pushing up and down onto her own fingers. Far away, she could hear the soft groans of a woman being tortured exquisitely and lovingly.” To Meet Her Needs

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My fingertips 3 

to meet her needs

“From deep inside herself she felt the unstoppable power of a flood tide rising and surging into every part of her nervous system. It came from so deep inside her that panic filled her and fled before it….her awareness of the world was lost in a surge of release. She was no longer sitting on her lover’s lap. She was no longer a person. She was inside herself. She was stroked from spasm to spasm. She became those spasms of release. She was pure joy surging inside herself. To Meet Her Needs

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Woman's face tatt on man's back

“I think we have always shared this love!
Through time’s twistings
it has been there –
two faces of one coin –
sometimes corporally split asunder,
but our one soul fused,
forever linked,
even when forever searching.”

Time has taught me much,
but first and strongest
it has shown me that we are one…
were one…
will be one.”

excerpt from my Poem – Our Love Is My Mantra

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My fingertips 5

Wall Kiss 2

One of her hands cupped the back of his head as her lips moved to press against the outer edge of his ear. In a voice so soft that Dan had to strain to hear it, she told him of her desire for him.
“Dan, I’ve waited so long for you to enter my life. What you make me feel is beyond my power to explain. I can be a strong and, sometimes, hard woman, but you’ve made me into just nerve endings.”
He felt her lips kiss his ear softly.
“I’m now a nerve ending junkie, waiting for you to give me my next hit! And what is scariest about this is that I’m truly overjoyed to be that junkie!”
With that revelation made, she leaned away from him with her upper body and went up onto the tips of her toes, allowing his cock to rise almost vertically underneath her. With a sudden push forwards and downwards she slid him inside herself.
When he felt her wet heat wrap itself around him, Dan reacted by lifting her upwards until she could wrap her legs around his hips, then he pushed himself much deeper up into her.
“I think it’s time for you to get your next hit, but you’ll have to work hard for it,” he told her.

[from a WIP, Tales From Terrigal]

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Beach Arousals

I cannot think about the ocean and beaches without recalling the many erotic experiences I had there: glistening, tanned, semi-naked bodies; the cooling surges of water over and against us; her female flesh pressed against my male flesh; nights wrapped in each other’s embrace, lying together naked on the sand. Such arousals are part of what I was and what I am now because of them.


So I am unsurprised that almost all of my characters end up on a beach with a lover at some point. Some of them end up there several Naked Water kisstimes! Below I have posted some of their experiences so that you can share in their ocean arousals…

 Swimming pools, lakes and rivers held no interest for him. The ocean was alive though! It was pure power, even if that power was somewhat muted as it was on this day.

The subtle pulses and strong surges of the living water around him always awoke his awareness of his own sensuality.

As a teenager he had been drawn to the beaches by its watery power and by the rush of hormones which erupted in the presence of the bare female flesh to be found there… He would arrive there far too early for semi-naked teenage girls to be draped on top of multi-coloured beach towels, but that was fine with him. For two or three hours he would exult in being lifted and driven by the glassy faces of waves towards the shore.

Then, with the sun halfway up the sky, he would drag his tired body out of the water to become a voyeur. The sight of girls his own age, or older, rubbing suntan oil into their bodies often made him need to roll onto his belly to bury his throbbing erection out of sight. He would watch with spasms of excitement as their fingers slid down over their developing breasts, rubbing in the oil to avoid sunburn. Always so patient, he waited and hoped for a glimpse of something more. And very often he was rewarded. Breasts, too small to properly fill out their bikini cups, revealed as a towel was bent for. The alluring softer whiteness of the sides of breasts released from their tops by brazen girls following the lead of older women and lying topless. The wonder of nipples, hardened by cold water or by the roughness of towels, pointing up at the sun for all to see.

Mark reminiscing about his teen years from To Meet Her Needs.

On a beach where heat is the predominant feature, coldness can be very arousing…

Ice Kiss

He reached into the cooler, again, for a larger piece of ice which he placed between his lips. Stretching her arms wide, he entwined her fingers in his own and pressed his chest down onto her back. Then, he began to cool her spine with the stinging ice and his super-cooled lips.

Laura jerked once before gripping his fingers more tightly in her own as she focused solely on the coldness that had begun to make her body shake.

Dan began to glide his lips and the ice down her spine towards her crease. He felt a rising excitement within him as she began to squirm in earnest as the cold began to bite into her heated skin. To feel her flexing and unflexing her back against the weight of his upper body as she tried to move the ice on and away from wherever it currently was, aroused him instantly. He held her down more forcefully and kept her arms from moving as he moved down relentlessly towards her crease. He stroked his erection across the top of her thigh to show her what she was doing to him while she moved underneath him with a growing loss of control. When his lips got to the top of her crease, he released the ice and left it sitting there as he moved back up her body till his lips were back where they had begun, pressed into the base of her neck.

Laura was shaking violently under his body, now. He released one of her hands, which immediately clenched around the towel, so that he could take another piece of ice which he brought to his lips and applied to the base of her neck. Gripping his shaft tightly in his hand to keep the blood trapped there, he took a deep breath and guided his head down onto the ice that was slowly melting at the top of her crease. Trying to ignore the searing cold that made his head throb painfully, he forced his head and the ice down along her crease. He had only begun to do this when she shuddered and groaned in that special way, he now knew, meant that she was about to come, and come hard. He pushed the ice deeper, before withdrawing his shaft from her crease to press it down between their bodies, holding it there and holding her pinned underneath his body. His lips released the ice held against her neck and his teeth bit softly down at her.

She came then. Came with loud groans that entered his body and turned his insides to molten, liquid lust. And made him come. Come before he could even enter her. With the end of his shaft resting in the top of her crease and his balls tight against her, his release flowed over his own stomach and over her lower back. Throughout this long release, he continued to hold her beneath him.

They remained lying there with her body held down by his.

“I think I’m going to have to take out a restraining order against you, baby,” she groaned. “You’re a very dangerous man. And it aroused me too damned much when you did that to me. Held me down and took me. Made it impossible for me to do anything, but react to what you were doing to my body. That felt so incredibly arousing. To be your complete focus. To be the person you were going to arouse so that I would make you come. Dan, I’ve never felt that strength of passion towards me from any other man. And it scares me more than a little.”

Dan arousing Laura on a beach from my WIP, Tales From Terrigal.

And a final beach arousal from The Runaway, Book 3 of the Journey Into Submission trilogy… Arousals can also be shared when the sun disappears and the night wraps lovers in its embrace.

Naked embrace on sand

“Kate, look at those stars! There are so damn many of them up there!”

She could hear the genuine awe in his voice. She rolled to his side so she could lie with her head on his shoulder and watch with him.

Above them, unadulterated by the electrical glow of man-made cities, glittered entire galaxies. It was impossible not to feel humbled by the sheer density of the stars above them. He pointed out to his suddenly quietened lover the limited ‘structures’ he could find, the Southern Cross and the Saucepan. He had known more and could find them as a child but his adult pursuits had denied him this simple joy for too many years. They lay there naked under that distant blaze of light and life and both were changed by the experience. They felt insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Two unimportant creatures lying naked and unprotected on one small world near one small star.

Kate found herself whispering when she spoke, “Darling, hold me tightly!”

He did and they lay there for an eternity watching the immensity of the beauty above them. Slowly, their awe changed into something different. From deep inside each of them rose a desire to be part of that majesty.

Deep in the dunes they sought each other. They began to make love with humble passion as the stars wheeled slowly above them in their heavenly display. This was not the rushed coupling of lovers with somewhere else to be. They made love gently and slowly in time with the stately spiralling of entire galaxies above them.

Miles stroked slowly over Kate’s body. His eyes were on the stars as were hers. But soon his mouth needed to taste her. He gently moved her onto her back. With a deep sigh of joy, he began to share his love of her with her. His mouth was alive everywhere on her body. She lay there with her eyes still fixed on the stars but her hands stroking her lover as he kissed and sucked and softly bit up and down her body.

Her arousal came slowly, powerfully, and rose from so deep inside of her that she panicked as she felt it flood out of her core. She pulled his body onto hers. She took his cock in both of her hands and, lifting her knees, guided him slowly into her. She needed him inside her to feel that solidness anchoring her to this tiny beach on this insignificant world. Miles could feel his lover’s joy and awe in the deep shudders that rocked her body. He kissed her gently with his tongue stroking slowly around hers. He moved his swollen cock inside her slowly but with increasing force as he felt her clutch at him and open herself wider.

At some unnoticed point in this soft, loving union of two humbled creatures, awe had changed to need. The stars were forgotten and all of their focus was on the slow surge of joy inside them. Kate bit at Miles’ throat. Her legs wrapped around his hips. She drew him deeper still inside her and clawed her nails down his back as her muscles grabbed and shuddered up and down his throbbing shaft.

He held back for as long as he could to draw out his lover’s slow orgasm but, with her need and vulnerability so openly displayed, he lost that battle. Her soft core enveloped his hardness. And as she came in violent shudders and with tears flooding from her eyes, Miles’ love for her responded. He came with her, in long emptying bursts. His joy flowed into hers and, for that brief moment there under millions of circling stars, they were truly one.

Miles and Kate making love under a starry sky in The Runaway, Book 3 of the Journey Into Submission trilogy

‘The Training of Kate’ – 2 Amazon Reviews

Book 1 Post 6A

5 out of 5 stars Scorching must read! 3 July 2014

By Angel ParkinsonSee all my reviews

This review is from: The Training of Kate (Journey into Submission Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

First of all I have to comment about the book cover! Yes it did draw my eye to the book and made me want to read it more. But I am so glad I did pick it up as it was so much more than I was expecting!

This novella is the first part of three which tells the tale of Kate, a single woman with a gaping hole in her heart and Miles a strong willed, dominant man looking for a submissive woman who he can nurture and love in the way she deserves.

One element I really enjoyed about this book is that their relationship begins online. I have not read a book with that concept before, which is surprising considering that it’s an increasing way in which people meet and often fall in love.

The main focus of part 1 is not on Kate’s relationship with Miles, but her and Paul’s relationship as Dom and Submissive. I will admit (even if I am in the minority) that I LOVED Paul and his dominance. He can happily tie me to a bed and have his wicked way with me anytime hahaha! Yes I know I always have to go for the bad boy! Shoot me now, I am guilty.

There are so many scorchingly hot quotes which had me melting more than once. The diary section is amazing. I would fall to my knees for Paul if he clicked his fingers.

Roll on book 2- The Re-taking of Kate. I cannot wait to see how Kate and Miles develop their relationship in light of Kate’s past.



The Training of Kate 5

5 out of 5 stars Superb very different by superb, 16 July 2014

By Stacy – See all my reviews

This review is from: The Training of Kate (Journey into Submission Book 1) (Kindle Edition)

Not the usual story I was expecting but fantastic nevertheless, a story that I didn’t know where it was going. Kate had me wondering what the hell had happened to her but then as the story slowly unravelled itself you can understand her thoughts and feelings.

This is not a normal Dom/sub relationship that anyone will be expecting in this first book but I can tell you that just makes it better and I can’t wait to see where this goes, hopefully learning a little more of the past and a hell of a lot more of the future.

This is definitely a lead, ladies, for those who like to feel their cheeks burn with desire.

The Training of Kate 8 x150

Tales From Terrigal, Part 1 – Cashmere by Khul Waters

This is an excerpt from my WIP, Tales From Terrigal, Part 1 – Cashmere

WARNING: this passage is for Adults ONLY and adults who are not offended by sexual descriptions and a ménage à trois. If you are offended by these then please do NOT read it! 

She moved off the sofa to kneel in front of him, pulling his shoes off and tugging his jeans down and off his legs. As her mouth opened a little to allow the soft skin of his head to glide over her lips, she looked up. Sam, she noted with a quick smile, clearly needed Dan’s mouth on her breasts again as she had lifted her dress up and over her head before drawing his mouth onto her nipple.

Laura chose this moment to push her wet mouth straight down over his shaft and Dan’s shuddering reaction made his teeth bite down onto the tip of Sam’s nipple. Sam cried out with abandon at the almost painful pleasure of his hard teeth closing around her.

She watched Sam hook her hand around the back of his neck and use this hold to force her breast past his teeth to where his tongue waited. Laura kept her plunges down over his shaft in time with Sam’s thrusts at his mouth. Her fingers, pressed around the base of him, felt his shudders increase. She was torn between her strong need to use her mouth to bring him into his orgasm and the deep longing she felt to have him inside her.

Deciding that she really needed his hardness inside her, she stood. She saw that Sam had ridden her body up over his so that her mound was pressed against his mouth. Dan’s fingers were deeply pressed into the flesh of Sam’s buttocks as he thrust his tongue inside her and, by the way Sam had begun to groan and squirm, right down onto her clitoris.

Laura turned away from that surprisingly arousing sight and straddled his legs. Taking him again into her hand, she guided his head to her entrance. Opening herself a little she gripped his head tightly, then drove herself down onto him. Hard! She heard herself cry out but she was already beyond listening to anything. She just felt. Felt his hardness deep up inside her. Felt it throbbing against her spasms. Felt the unique joy of having a man inside her and aroused by her and ready to spurt his arousal up into her. As she was swept away by that joy, a joy she had not felt for way too long, she closed her eyes and began to move him inside her. Circling her hips to feel his shaft pulsing there. Rocking forwards and backwards to feel his head dragged across the opening to her cervix and then along the top of her vagina until his head lay trapped and throbbing just inside of her.
She sighed with the deep contentment she felt at having had Dan so deeply up inside her. Yet, she felt the overpowering need to make him come for her and because of her and inside of her. And for these things to make her come around his shaft as he emptied himself into her.

This rising need drove her to slam him back up inside herself and then to begin to use his hardness to fuck herself urgently. She felt him lose control. Felt his shaft shake inside her. Felt his head shudder then begin to pump his release up into her. And still she fucked his shaft violently until she, too, was dragged into her release. She groaned at the wonderful feeling of nerve-ends pushed past their limits till they jangled delightfully throughout her lower body and at the shudders that still rocked his softening shaft, making her shudder more in response.